At Tiny Mountains, we aid your child’s physical development through a unique mix of physical education and story-telling. We recognise the need to do away with rote learning, focusing instead on stimulating the mind as the first form of engagement, before implementing carefully developed exercises to advance their gross and fine motor skills. We recognise that the psychological well-being of a child is an integral part of their growth and development.


Our curriculum promotes the holistic growth of your child, whereby we tap on both social and emotional cues to complement their physical development by creating opportunities for your child to gain life skills such as teamwork, listening abilities as well as concentration and focus.


We also understand that every child works on a different schedule. Hence, we provide classes both online and live to cater to you and your child’s busy schedule! If you are keen to find out more about what Tiny Mountains is all about and how we can arrange lessons, please do reach out to us and say hi!

Tiny Mountains Here We Go!