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What makes Tiny Mountains unique?

Unlike other sports enrichment programmes, Tiny Mountains takes pride in our unique approach to engaging children through the use of music and storytelling. As certified preschool educators, we realise that there is an innate and unlearned response children have towards these two aspects, especially from a very young age. Recognising this, we have woven both music and storytelling into every class, providing children with a multi-sensory approach to learning basic fundamental movement skills.


Our original stories capture their attention and sense of wonder, while our snazzy tunes naturally coax them to move and dance in all our fun activities!

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Our Beliefs

We believe that each child has potential the size of a mountain, and we are dedicated to nurturing that potential to its fullest! 

We believe that children learn best through movement and by being active. A lifelong commitment to an active lifestyle begins from a young age.

We believe that fun is integral to a child's development, and should never be sacrificed.

Wooden Alphabets

Message from Our Founder


Tiny Mountains began from this simple statement: 
"Children may be small, but they are able to do so much." 

My name is Titus, and as the Founder of Tiny Mountains I’d like to share our story with you. When I first began this journey, I didn't know where it would take me. All I knew was that I wanted the world to see what children are capable of, and for children to know that they are capable of so much. 

With the help and support of the leadership team at MYNT, Tiny Mountains began in 2020 under their cluster of Maple Bear preschools. Then COVID hit. Despite the challenges the pandemic threw our way, we were able to deliver our Tiny Mountains magic through the screen, thanks to the efforts of the team and the support of schools (and technology)! 
Two years later, we emerged from the pandemic with a crystallized understanding of what makes a Tiny Mountains class so special, and a renewed appreciation for the joy that is having fun outdoors, together. 

Today, our team has grown, and so have the number of schools and weekend locations with Tiny Mountains classes.  I am so grateful for the love, support and kindness we have received from parents and educators along the way, and hope you and your little ones enjoy this journey we are all on together.

Tiny Mountains, here we go!

Join Us

Tiny Mountains is hiring!

We're looking for passionate individuals who love working with children and who love movement, music, and storytelling! We're a very special type of preschool sports education and once you join us you'll find out why.

We want to offer you a job beyond just the regular 9-5 grind. A job where you aren't bogged down by endless paperwork, constant mental and emotional stress, and unforgiving and unsympathetic leadership.

We want to offer you the opportunity to step into the world of Tiny Mountains and spread a bit of magic in the lives of children.

We want to offer you the opportunity to be catalyst of growth in a child's life. To directly enrich the life of a child, is one of the most precious privileges we can think of.

You'll learn to tell stories. You'll learn to sing songs. You'll learn to have fun with children and bring them on marvellous adventures that they'll be reliving over and over again. And in the midst of all these, you will be saving these children from one of the most prevalent ills of our modern society - excessive screen time, idleness, and inactivity.


What we're looking for:

  1. Prior early childhood experience and/or qualification is preferred but not mandatory.

  2. A passion for early childhood education!

  3. Candidates who are able to sing and play a musical instrument (e.g. ukulele) will be strongly considered for the role 

  4. Someone who loves the outdoors!

  5. Should you possess any other relevant skills/qualification which may benefit Tiny Mountains, please let us know as well!

Roles and responsibilities:

  1. Conducting a Tiny Mountains session with a class of up to 15 children

  2. Curriculum planning and development

  3. Minor marketing and administrative roles

Working hours will be flexible during the weekdays and will include at least one weekend time slot.

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