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About Tiny Mountains 

Tiny Mountains is a multi-sports enrichment program for preschoolers. Our unique story-telling approach integrates imaginative thinking, fundamental movement, and team-building skills to develop and nurture your child’s love of sports. Designed to maximize the fun factor and minimize idle times, Tiny Mountains provides children of all ages with a fun, engaging, and holistic sports experience.

The name “Tiny Mountains” embodies the principle that though children are small in stature (hence tiny), they are full of enormous and astonishing potential, and have the capacity to reach greater heights (hence mountains) than even we adults may believe. As educators and parents, our role is to provide them with rich learning environments and broad learning opportunities, to allow them to manifest their full potential.

About the Teachers

Teacher Titus is a Big Friendly Giant! Despite his large presence and his booming voice, he has a soft heart for children and finds incredible satisfaction watching them learn and grow. Having taught as a preschool English teacher, a music teacher, and a sports teacher, he likes to combine his various experiences to create a learning environment that develops each child holistically. 

Teacher Titus majored in Psychology and conducted research in a developmental psychology lab studying learning behavior in children. He believes strongly that a research-based approach to learning is vital, and that for effective learning to take place there must be an element of fun. Children are designed for their bodies and brains to move and learn in conjunction, not separately.