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What makes Tiny Mountains unique?

Unlike other sports enrichment programmes, Tiny Mountains takes pride in our unique approach to engaging children through the use of music and storytelling. As certified preschool educators, we realise that there is an innate and unlearned response children have towards these two aspects, especially from a very young age. Recognising this, we have woven both music and storytelling into every class, providing children with a multi-sensory approach to learning basic fundamental movement skills. Our original stories capture their attention and sense of wonder, while our snazzy tunes naturally coax them to move and dance in all our fun activities!


Our Belief

We believe that each child has potential the size of a mountain, and we are dedicated to nurturing that potential to its fullest!

We believe that children learn best through movement and by being active. A lifelong commitment to an active lifestyle begins from a young age.

We believe that fun is integral to a child's development, and should never be sacrificed.

Our Vision & Mission


To show the world the tremendous potential of children and to show children the tremendous potential they have to change the world. 


Our mission is to provide children the opportunity to develop their potential in every aspect of their life, starting with their physical development. We aim to develop in children a lifelong love for movement and being active.

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