Tiny Mountains is proud to offer weekly enrichment classes for preschools, childcares, and kindergartens! Our classes are catered for the different skill levels and developmental stages each age group is at, allowing every child to participate. We are also adept at executing classes according to the space constraints which some schools might face - so don't let your lack of space discourage you from inquiring!

Our curriculum covers a range of different sports and fundamental movement skills for every age group, including toddlers! As long as they are able to walk, we have a class for them! Our classes include a basic assessment checklist at the start and end of each year, which schools often find helpful in incorporating into their own internal assessments. We were teachers too, so we know!

In view of the ever-changing COVID-19 situation and safety guidelines, Tiny Mountains is proud to be one of the industry leaders in conducting effective and engaging online sports classes for kids! Through a novel approach of interactive games, music and movement, and dramatic storytelling, we are able to keep children occupied AND active through the duration of their online class. 


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