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Happy Children's Day!

Tiny Mountains would like to take this opportunity to wish every kid a Happy Children’s Day! Although the current situation in the world may not seem to give any of us much cause for celebration, but it is our hope that despite all the restrictions and guidelines and measures in place, we would still be able to bring moments of joy and laughter to the lives of the children we work with! Being a child is a precious and fleeting moment in our lives, and there are many things which occur at this early age which form the foundation for their future selves. It is our role as adults in their lives to bring them the best possible opportunities and to give them the best possible experiences at this age, in preparation for the future.

All of us at Tiny Mountains are excited to share with you that we have FREE trial classes happening in the month of November 2021. You can sign up using the link found at the top of our website or on the “Sign Up” button on our Facebook page!

Speaking about social media, follow us on Facebook ( and Instagram ( for future updates!

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