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A Store And More

What an exciting start of the year it is for a Tiny Mountains! We are proud to announce that our online store is up and running! Our Tiny Mountain Plushies are soft and cuddly and a real hit among the kids and our very own quick-drying Tiny Mountains Jersey (locally sourced and produced!) has been getting rave reviews as well.

Also, in collaboration with our friends at Preschool Market and Praxium, our friendly giant a.k.a head coach Teacher Titus has been invited to speak at not one but two info/training sessions this month! He will be giving career info talk to a group of secondary school students, as well as conducting a Teacher's Training session to a group of preschool teachers. We're slowly but surely growing in size and reach, and hopefully, before the middle of the year, we will be able to have a class that is open to the public! Tiny Mountains, here we go!

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