Our Weekly Sessions
On The Ground (2 - 3 years old)
Start to Grow (3 - 4 years old)
Touch The Sky (5 - 6 years old)
Where: To be announced

When: Saturday Mornings and Evenings, Sunday

At Tiny Mountains, we provide physical education that not only includes sport-specific activities that aid the children's physical development but also a unique storytelling approach to engage children. We recognise that the psychological well-being of the child is an integral part of their growth and development.


Our curriculum complements the holistic growth of your child whereby we tap on social and emotional development by creating opportunities for your child to gain life skills such as teamwork, concentration and focus, listening abilities.


Also, we understand that every child works on different schedules. Hence we provide both online classes as well as live classes to cater to you and your child's busy schedule! If you are keen to find out more about what we can do, from a daily weekly lesson to one-off sports day, do reach out to us and say hi!